….and in the meantime a “visual” tweet artwork 140cha…:)



6 thoughts on “VisualTweet140Cha”

  1. I tried to learn New Era shorthand once… fortunately for me, it came out something like this … my boss did not understand my transcriptions either : ( This markmaking reminded me of a lucky escape!

  2. @conchita Varicak.. Interestingly I didn’t think about shorthand… (Poor you, sounds grim :( ) I was far away thinking about filling up the space and counting to 140 on the wobbly Wacom – more sort of that words ARE like scribbles especially if it’s language you don’t happen to read. (Also I liked the rythmn of how it plays out.)@stiftet.. you say…it’s like a secret message of “living ornaments” – that’s a lovely phrase, I like that, clever you. :)

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