Asking for advice/help  :)

I have to make a new site for P O N O R. Can’t use WordPress.com anymore, as you can’t sell

and are not supposed to advertise for sale here. What To Do?  Should I make a

completely new P O N O R?  Or should I get an own domain and add

this blog?  I’ve never made a site completely from scratch

before…I have tried to,  but everything looked

really bad.  What’s needed is a completely

simple site.. .White with my name,

in pale grey, largish type

and a big wide

space for




I like to post BIG pictures :) Can anyone suggest the best way to go with this please?  Oh, And I’ll need something like Paypal so’s I can offer stuff for sale. (Feeling pathetic)


Also, my WACOM tablet has made a bid for artistic freedom and is making wobbly arabesques, when I want it to do straight lines…Grr….. Feeling a bit overwhelmed  = (


13 thoughts on “WhatToDo?”

  1. Oj stackars dig! massa fuzz med ny sida men jag tycker du skall hålla på bloggen och skaffa en ny domän. Du kan ju fortsätta med WP ändå. Gläder mig till att se din nya sida, hoppas du inte behöver skaffa ny wacom-bräda också dom är så jäkla dyra :P

  2. Do a Google search on ‘wordpress hosting’ – find a cheap efficient commercial wordpress host – pay a few quid a year – get your own domain name – continue more or less with what you know, but with more power (widgets, for example). Relax.

  3. @Ivan – exactly what I needed to hear.. you make it sound nice and simple.. I’m not fooled :) but I’ll try :):)I like the relax bit very much :)

    (Also see I forgot to translate Stiftet’s Swedish.. hmm.. Stiftet was just saying that I need to get on with it basically and empathising over my broken Wacom tablet :))

  4. Hey Linda,
    It shouldn’t be too hard I guess!
    At wordpress.org (so not wordpress.com) you can read all about how to make your own wordpress-site.
    you might just need to make some small adjustments to a standard lay-out.
    If you host it on your own domain, you can actually sell stuff!
    Just be alert on picking the right domain-hosting, you will need a host that is compatible with wordpress.
    But erm, I am probably more of a computer dummy than you are!
    Anyway, I would love to encourage you to take it to the next level! Go and make something of it!

  5. Hey Teen how’re you both? Thanks for the advice..

    What’s been confusing me is.. I’m slightly unclear about the difference(s) between what you refer to as “own wordpress-site” ( at their .org and not at their .com) and “host it on your own domain” I.e. that if you paid wordpress you were hosted by them.. didn’t think you needed to pay them and then also go get another domain-hosting that is compatible with WordPress to put the thing on :) Maybe you can do both or either.

  6. Nah, it’s like this.
    You can get a free copy of WordPress and install it anywhere you want at no cost.
    But easier than that is to use one of the hosting companies who have done the setup work and will give you a nice interface and do the legwork for you.
    The choice is yours – don’t get confused by the wordpress.com/org difference, ignore it.

  7. Thanks Ivan..! (You did tell me the first time:))

    (It can’t just be me who’s confused.. I mean I have actually read the info at WordPress.. I wouldn’t be embarressing myself like this if it wasn’t necessary *sighs*:))

  8. Ha, ha, glömde mig och använde norsk slang fuzz means lot of work and problems in norwegian, alla säger att det är enkelt att upprätta en ny sida men alla glömmer att berätta om alla problem och arbete som faktiskt kan uppstå när man måste sköta allt själv, man kan mycket lättare bli offer för hackers t.ex. Men jag hejar på dig Linda du fixar det säkert;)
    Om det hade varit lite närmare till dig hade du fått överta min W.bräda tror du hade haft mera nytta av den än mig. :)

  9. Tack Mr. Stiftet. (I’ll answer in the Englishy if I may? not because I don’t need to practise Swedish.. Oh I really do! – Thanks so much writing to me in Swedish:) but I’ll answer in both so’s more people have a possibility of following what’s going on :)) Jag pratar gärna svenska!

    I’m just trying to work out the best way to go from here. It’s obvious to all that I can’t code much, so I decided that if I started talking about my problems with site building and so forth, I might just get some of the help I need :) I think I know what I’m going to do next, but it might take a bit of time to sort it out.

    (I’ll try and keep posting stuff here in the meantime.)

    About my wacom: Wacomet är sjuk.. riktigt sjuk.. Jag tror jag måste nog köpa ett nytt – My Wacom is very sick :( it wobbles.

    Er…”fuzz” sortta like “fuss” then? :) I like it, a very nice Norwegian word.

  10. If you need some help with your wordpress theme or something like that, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m pretty good at that and can assist you when you need help!

  11. @jens.. Ahh man, Jag kanske kommer att behöva din hjälp, jag hör av mej om så.. tack så himla snällt av dej :)! Thanks Jens I’ll certainly let you know if I get stuck.. what AM I talking about “if” (((laughing)))) @teen.. Please don’t apologize, I’m sure you know what you’re talking about it’s just me and not you I’m sure :)

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