P O N O RnewProject




also: I need some new paints:) so please vote for P O N O Rpaint

this link is live now vote for P O N O R many thanks!


21 thoughts on “P O N O RnewProject”

  1. @Jens! hej :) Kul! – I like the music at your place very much…

    Hey…I’m greatful for the comment… It looks like it might be worth trying – I’ll certaining post early on about prices.

    The idea is that it shouldn’t be expensive… Thats what puts so many of us off from buying orignal artwork… It’s hard getting it right, too high a price, and people won’t be interested.

    I’m trying to find ways of presenting and making things in different ways. Art galleries are only able to show a small selection of artist’s works and people tell me that they don’t always feel comfortable walking into galleries – I don’t know about that, but I think there’s a bigger market out there, has to be! :) Thing is Jens, it’s hard to reach people if they’re not expecting to see you in a particular place.

    You musicians have really shown the way on Web2.0. :) – If you don’t know this man go to: http://www.stevelawson.net/ to see what I mean

  2. Linda, that’s truly an interesting idea, could be a great hit – it’s like the one million dollar homepage but it’s about arts and something real so it must be better. I do hope the overall feedback will be positive and I think I’d love to have a piece for myself when/if you are ready with it. I’ll be looking forward to your decision!

  3. Ohhh…Goodness If you might possibly want a piece.. well… it means I’ve just got to try to figure out how to make the thing then…:) Thanks, really for the comment Svetlana. Must add that a bit of positive feedback is pretty encouraging. :)

  4. Of course it’s worth trying! Productivity and to actually execute the ideas you have is probably the best way to succeed in an artistic profession. Of course not everything we do will be celebrated or even noticed, but the thing is to keep the flow up I think. At least this is what I try to do myself! :) This is also such a good idea, so it would be stupid not to give it a try! I’m looking forward to see what will happen with the project!

    I checked out the links you suggested, it sounds very nice over at those guys, thanks for the tip!

    I’m very glad that you like our music, and hopefully this makes you happy then! We just uploaded some new tracks that we recorded before Christmas, check it out if you want to!

  5. :) Big thank you for the tweet, all of us in the band totally appreciate it! Have added you now as well, I was convinced that I already had you in my list, but I were wrong. Stupid!

  6. Its a really novel and interesting idea, I love the idea of it working…whether it will or not I am unsure, as am sure with everything there will be very different types and reasons for purchasing. Personally I love the idea and would love to have a piece (usually I only have my own art up cos I can’t afford anyone elses lol). Its a little along the lines of the ACEO market (very big on ebay) a small piece of art to collect, but your idea is unique in that the breaking apart of the art is indeed part of the art itself. Just be careful that trying to ensure weighing each piece with roughly the same amount of colours etc that doesn’t destroy your creativity. Maybe aim to sell 75% of the pieces and then use the remainder(possibly much less going on them) as the silence left behind as another piece in its own right. You could even consider placing it online (in addition) and for each square bought the purchaser submits to you a small piece of digital art/their name or some other representation to be placed where their piece came from, so you end up with an exchange…just a thought :-) Really hope it works and hope you keep Twitter posted on your progress :-) happy painting!!

  7. @Nikki morris Ahh so kind of you for the comment! As a painter you’ll perfectly well get the idea as well as seeing the possible pitfalls.. I agree about the “weighing each piece with roughly the same amount of colours etc” is pretty problematic… I’m still thinking about it all. But Hey!…”The silence left behind” is a gorgeous thought…thank you so much for that..(((joy)))) because it’s started me thinking about other things I might possibly be able to do, terrific, wonderful to get this sort of feed back! (I’m most grateful for all the comments here.. particulaly to Ivan… http://blog.ivanpope.com/ one of the very best ARTSblogs around:)

  8. Love your work and website. May i say that I think the idea of including a ‘real’ piece of frame, as opposed to a painted facsimile, is great. Perhaps the edges of all the small canvasses and the edges of the ‘frame’ should be roughened to give the appearance of being sawn through, thereby enhancing the illusion of being a small part of a greater whole. You could always create a work that is 50 feet long and genuinely cut it up but the logistics involved would be immense.

  9. @Mark Tarr Thanks so much for the comment Mark…50 feet long!;) (I’d have to smash down the walls of my studio to fit it in…Still anything worth doing is not for the faint-hearted.) The addition of the idea of the physical cutting up of the thing is really good. I’ll certainly take that onboard.

    (It’s been great to get so much really valuable feed-back. I really have appreciated all the great comments on this post. Thanks all!)

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