4 thoughts on “butterflyer/fisher”

  1. Thats fine praise indeed, and lovely to hear from you Gerry!

    These small pieces are a part of a longer running series. It seems I have a few recurring themes going on in my work at the moment. Once I get further into things I might try and gather them together all in one place. (One of the reasons being that I feel it makes for a less interesting blog visually if everything follows on in a stricter chronological order. Also, I do tend to work on many ideas at the same time so I just post stuff as and when.) I have thought that a blog as such is not quite the right format for publishing art works, but neither is a static web page for the way I tend to think and produce things. As you can see I’m still thinking about the best way to do all this :)

  2. I can see the Swedish influence with the splash of colour against the white. I like it.

    On my site, I’ve found the best way to group works is to assign them a category for the series. You can then also add a page decribing the series.


  3. Thanks for the comment.. your suggestion is a good one, my problem being that I’m often in the process of making/doing and it’s not until afterwards that the appropriate category becomes obvious or, as often happens, the work fits into several categories =/

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