4 thoughts on “smallerEdgers(revised)”

  1. so the bed-bugs realy bite then! det kliar som om jag hade stenull rätt på kroppen.
    dom kommer kilande över hela mig, hjälp skalbaggarna kommer! :) skämt å sido: a very nice ornament-effect, so simple and
    so dyanmic.

  2. Thanks tegnestift!

    (I’ve been thinking a lot about images and/versus sound(s) on Web 2.0.)

    E.G. Many of us dislike the use of Flash on sites. (This appears to come from a time when the real techies were very Puritan and only clean text sites were “ok”.) It’s interesting to compare sound with visual in this respect because sound artists, compared to visual artists (musicians and others making sound) have a real head start on Web 2.0. Their stuff is digitally identically reproducible… (Also musicians don’t make “original pieces” in the way that often craftspeople/artists do… and sound grabs attention, you can have sound/music and a plain screen… :) which sits better in Techieland.)

    It’s a shame that moving images are seen as “inferior” in some ways, probably due to overuse by crass advertising sites, not exactly anything to do with “art” per se?. Artists who like materials, traditionally…paint, stone, wood are at a disadvantage here and often they just shy away from getting involved. E.g. Show a painter their work on a badly tuned monitor and they sigh.. for it’s often the relationship of one colour to another in the original work that’s important.

    I’m still thinking about all this :)

  3. Ahh Thanks Matt. I really value input. It’s helpful and inspiring.. I just want to use what I’ve learned from my (what’s called “fine”) arts background in anyway possible here – as I said, you have to keep asking (the right?) questions:):)

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