8 thoughts on “dark,matters”

  1. @stiftet Tack du :) Ja… tänk om man fick göra dom riktigt stora! Whoo.. DET vore roligt!

    Thanks Stiftet.. yeah imagine this lot in a huge format! They sort of look like they are meant to be metres across – I agree with you… Good idea:) Huh! Might even be a bit too much! :) Naa…:) It would be fun.. (Hmm.. Don’t know how I’d have to do actually to make them really large…I’ll have to think about that one.) Must check out what’s happening at your place with Emo :)

  2. @ stiftet Just checked.. Det är inte så svårt alls.. alltså att göra bilderna större som du sade…it’s not difficult actually… the difficult bit would be affording the screens/equipment required.

  3. suppose you can use a video projector, what abour shooting from behind a opal screen, in acrylic. It would be a rather easy to build an installation for this kind of work. Yeah Oslo would be fun, I could help you with the tecniqual stuff. :)

  4. @stiftet (Ahh…så himla snällt av dej….Jag skulle nog behöva en hel del hjälp i så fal… och kanske du skulle vilja visa något tredimensionellt samtidigt? Kanske skulle kunna tänkas passa in – eller?)

    Hmm..Sounds good to me… But…Easy..? Really? I’ll have a think and get back to you.

    (Finns en liten sak som fattas bara, en villig gallerist eller ledig passande plats – Jag få ta mej tid att undersöka saken :))

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