4 thoughts on “theSwell”

  1. Su trabajo es estupendo, se necesitan creo, mas blogs sobre arte y que traten sobre la diversidad de los artistas de nuestra generación. Me gustaría aprovechar y recomendar el sitio de la galería Alovera especializada en venta de arte contemporáneo cubano, su página está cuidadosamente elaborada, su portal le presenta una exquisita muestra de lo más moderno de la obra de los artistas cubanos. Me parece un excelente punto de referencia para los amantes del diseño gráfico y del arte en general.

    Saludos cordiales

  2. I don’t speak Spanish but having translated it….(Through an auto-translation site…. it appears to be a polite recommendation to commercial art site….? – To a gallery showing Cuban Artists. Unfortunately the terms of use for WordPress don’t allow advertising as such… So…if I’m correct this comment is nothing other than a very polite way of spamming…?

    If I’ve understood this correctly this is just a way of getting traffic to this gallery site through commenting here. Shame really.. As the site looks interesting… I’ll leave this comment here for a few days before I delete the whole thing.. And….If I’ve misunderstood this, my sincere apologies and please advise me here, thanks… :)

  3. Always look at your used handkerchief…
    No, sorry P/L, it is really beautiful!
    Because of the changing flicker in the outline of the white, this looks a little like a Japanese anime about to cry, but warmly combined with the flowing colors…

  4. Always carry a clean hanky is fine by me :)..

    The constraints of making these moving images mean that I have to pull right back on the number of pixels used.. I’m not always a fan of very smoothed images anyway so that’s not a problem I happen to mind. You can sort of get a bit of a “painterly” quality to things which I rather prefer, but as I said it depends really.

    Seeing figures in things is what we did as little children, we often looked very intently at things that as adults we just don’t have the time to do or just have forgotten about perhaps. My grandmother told my mother stories from the pictures she saw in the embers of their fire hearth.

    To me this feels like the thing is pulling and straining to escape.. it’s held down in all four corners, a bit like a sail.

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