2 thoughts on “newblackpaintings”

  1. Säkerhetsnålar är kusliga, vad är det dom skall säkra? Den lilla bilden är fin den på minner mig om havsstranden om hösten med regnbyar långt ute still havs. Känsligt. :)

  2. @stiftet writes..

    “…The safety pins are creepy – what is it that they are intended to secure then?…” And: “…The little picture (is (more?) sensitive) – it reminds me of the sea coastline in the Autumn with storm clouds…” Hope I translated that OK S. :)

    Thanks for that comment Stiftet:). If pressed…What I would say is probably something like: The safety pin – invented as a means to “safely hold things together….in an emergency….?…..:)

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