6 thoughts on “thewithering”

  1. vackert Linda fast jag funderar lite på var förvittringen händer, hela hela ytan verkar vara motsatsen ( something I did´nt get?) men det är väldigt vackert.

  2. Ha “Withering”.. Yeah…its’ a strange word in English.. It has rather a number of different meanings.

    Well…You know sometimes it’s more “truthful” not to be too specific.

    I often wonder if not naming things at all would be better? I’d hate to “explain” a picture for someone who found themselves here. It’s not really my job to do that… But, neither I don’t want to be unhelpful and of course I enjoy getting comments here.. Anyway…Everyone’s opinion is valid :)

  3. Yes, I totally agree, sometimes there is no need for names. But, on the other hand, names can be like an extra “energybar” to a work. I love to play with your pictures and find a “history”. Whitch I suppose says more abot my mind than yours. Anyway I really like “Whittering” it makes me kind of sad or mellow, makes me want to sing small song about lonelieness (like the mumintroll) it`s a relly nice pice of poetry.

  4. @Stiftet I’m delighted that you get some enjoyment/reaction from looking at things here. It’s really helpful to get your feedback. Thank you.

    (Ahh mumintroll..Älskade Mumintrollet…) Those books, I loved when I was little.. (Det var långt innan jag hade nån aning att jag skulle åka till Norden och bor hos er ett tag… Tänk va roligt och konstigt livet kan vara.)

    I think many things that happen in our childhoods have so much bearing on us in later life. It would be strange if it were not so, but sometimes we forget about some of this when we are, “Grown up”. (Jag kommer och tänka förståss på dina tekningar av Emo figuren Stiftet.)

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