4 thoughts on “somethingandnothing”

  1. Now I didn’t think of snow in the first instance – only after I’d made it :) (Hee…Typiskt att en “nording” skulle göra det.. va roligt!) Yeah I liked the rhythm too.

    (Info: I have been working on “white” paintings for some time – many years actually – it seems to be a recurring theme of mine. It’s peculiar how some things/ideas keep insisting (:)) on making a return. White has so many different associations in different cultural contexts, and it can also be seen as “not there” which is also rather nice – just traces of “somethings”, it’s intriguing :) And, well, animating something that’s “not really there” is even funnier/more peculiar :))

    Anyway, thanks for commenting here it’s appreciated.

  2. ja, du arbetade med vita målningar på åttiotalet på en utstälning (den röda utställningen som inte gick att se från gatan för att alla fönster var vitmålade). Då hade du skurit mönster i vit duk.
    Min association inför det här arbetet var: Matisse drömmer. Hans skisser fladdrar förbi under nattens oro.
    Jag ser fram emot den osynliga målningen:-)

  3. @Per Ölund – Hej Per! och tack för att du minns och skriver lite här :)

    Per’s just reminded me about an exhibition I had in Stockholm in the 1980’s where I painted the windows of the gallery white. I was exhibiting some all white canvases with pieces cut out with a knife along side a collection of red canvases. He also jokes about looking forward to seeing the “invisble” painting :):) and says this, (above) makes him think of the painter Matisse, asleep and seeing his sketches fly past his eyes as if in a bad dream… (I hope I translated all that correctly Per:))

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