4 thoughts on “drunkengarden”

  1. Hello, I found you surfing wordpress. How do you get your images to overlay like that? It’s VERY cool. If you don’t mind sharing I would love to know about the software or technique. Thank you Perry

  2. Hi Perry, thanks for the kind words – I like your blog too, it’s very pink girl, which is nice :):)
    To make images move is no big deal.. The thing about what I do is that I don’t use Flash. What I do is use an ancient thing called an animated .gif file, it’s simple, as it doesn’t require anything to make it run.. it just loads automatically – there’s loads of different software packages out there, some freebies as well, particularly for photographic work… Have a google :) And welcome back here when you aren’t busy covering Wonder Valley with colour :) /Linda

  3. @per Ölund.. thanks for that Per. For those who don’t do swedish:) he was just saying that mixing old and new can be just as creative.. I think he’s right.. Creativity is “seeing” what you can do/make.. It isn’t always about the latest, smartest, most expensive etc. though I wouldn’t exactly deny that having the latest, smartest, most expensive etc. isn’t fun sometimes, it’s just that it’s not “about” that per se. Hmm it’s hard to explain :)

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