7 thoughts on “hookedandneedled”

  1. life IS scary. But we don’t always admit to it. (These pictures just “happened”.. I didn’t plan them. They are part of a series that I’ll post more of in future.)

    Thing is, I don’t ever “plan” to do stuff… I can’t work like that, even if I try really hard to be “organized” in my work practice – I so admire people who can plan :))

    I’m not into frightening people, or doing things just for an “effect” – that’s just too easy a way to make things… But if you got something from these pieces I’m glad.

    Being hurt and in pain or being restricted, in your personal life by outside influences is something we all feel to a greater or lesser degree…..?

    (Hope this explanation helps Stiftet and thanks a lot for commenting.. it’s always good to hear what people think.)

  2. Thanks Tobes… I posted lots of work here for a while and then got so busy I had to stop… (It’s fun to re-visit and have references for newer stuff..) Your comments are always really appreciated.. thanks for posting here!

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