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homage to a talented woman R.I.P.


5 thoughts on “deliaderbyshire”

  1. Thanks both for the comments..@Matt :) I really feel that she’s been forgotten… People know about the theme for “the doctor” :) but how many of them know who made it? And, what about all her other work? Delia was an original talent and as such should be remembered. @dalkmin I like your blog too :)

  2. yes, This blog is awesome.yes now its a time of digital drawing,media etc..because everywhere people are try to using this kind of stuff to get popularity.its a cool digital drawing.

  3. Thanks for the positive comment Suhas. I’m really glad you like what you see here. Yeah…It’s not always so easy for artists, digital or otherwise, to get their work shown in a more traditional settings like galleries. That’s part of the reason why I am posting my work here at P O N O R. Blogging, and the net in general is a great way to introduce what you’re doing and thinking about to (hopefully) a wide and diverse audience of visitors. Also, It’s very helpful when people post their comments here because I get to understand better how others react to what I’m trying to do. Best of luck to you too :) /L

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