8 thoughts on “timeout3”

  1. Thanks artbizness.. (Well…Hello! didn’t expect to see you here..:) How nice!) Well… They are just animated .gif files… Technology that’s ancient, but does not require anyone to have to install Flash or similar to make them run – I just discovered how to make them bigger and longer than most… but you have to keep it simple… This is not always a bad thing… keeping stuff simple I mean…And now I must go and have a look at your place too :)

  2. There are loads of different packages out there. Quite a few freebies too I believe. Also: Most drawing programs have their own animated .gif maker, but as I said it’s not the latest technology exactly…. Google – to find something to suit you perhaps….? Then just experiment :)

  3. Photoshop have a animation function, suppose othters like Paintshop also have manby even Gimp?
    I had better time to watch the whole composition now (than at work) and I realise I didn`nt saw the ending (or the start) but anyway, nice work love the pastry hungry cats and the cherrys mmm so cool. :)

  4. @tegnesstiftet…Thanks for that info…. Yeah Gimp has.. I’m pretty sure it has…Someone told me it did anyway.. but I don’t use Gimp.. I often use an old Paintshop app… But you can also mix ’em up :).. Sometimes different progs. will let you open something you’ve made in another, if you see what I mean :)

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