…circumstances beyond my control etc… :) – I need to take a break here for a short while, but I’ll be back soon. If you’ve just come here for the first time please know that any comments you might care to make around here will be read and appreciated. There are nearly 300 posts here all with original artwork, so have a look around.



7 thoughts on “timeout”

  1. My poor Mac minin always goes willd when I visit your blog. The fan is whining like all hell breaking lose. But I really love your animepictures so please come back soon. Love Emo

  2. Oh dear…. I’m so sorry I cause a nuisance.. I’m really not the sort of person who causes trouble, well only on Mondays.. eh.. and sometimes on Thursdays…. :):).. Thanks Emo.. have some love back :)

  3. Oh.. :) Yeah I’ll be back…I’m trying to do some new stuff but it takes all the hours I have spare to throw at it, that, and I’m at a place where I can’t get online without a great deal of difficulty… Try being without your access for a bit.. it’s weird! (But I’m very touched to think you feel so Teen.. Thanks:)).

  4. Twitter is just a bit interesting when you have a go at it :) I was a bit sceptical too, but it can be very informative.. concisely so :)

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