2 thoughts on “shellsfromthebeach”

  1. I think children do that a lot:) – when I was a little girl I used to put seaside collections of stones, shards of coloured glass, pebbles, that sort of thing, into glass jars with water in and then line them up on a window sill in the sunshine/light. (I would pick them up from the beach when we were on holiday and I well remember the terrible disappointment of watching all the colours fading as they dried out…). The thought that children do the same things everywhere in the world, is a great comfort to me as I get older esp. as the world seems to be getting uglier by the minute.. The “Too good” comment is great Syed… I laughed. you see: I almost didn’t post these drawings as I rarely think “showing off” how well you can make a likeness of something has much to do with the business of making art….. /P

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