8 thoughts on “homelytwo”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while and I have a question. Do you photograph paintings and post the pictures or is everything digitally created?

  2. That’s a really good question. Thanks for asking me about this.

    I try to give pointers as to what I’m doing in the “tags” and “filed under” (above each posting) – As I really don’t want to clutter the blog up with loads of written explanations :) Errmm…I sort of just want you to be able to just “look” for yourself before I “tell” you stuff :) Maybe I’m wrong about this – but for example: You don’t get long explanations in galleries as to how the artist “made” a particular work – that’s also why I don’t put in sizes in either…. I sort of think if anyone’s really interested they’ll contact me via email :)

    The images above here are drawings, soft pencil on paper that I’ve photographed and manipulated digitally. But I’m also happy working directly “drawing” in the computer using a Wacom tablet and pen and a fairly straight forward drawing program… A lot of the time it’s really interesting to mix things up!

    This blog isn’t about telling people how to do stuff – There’s plenty of really gifted people out there who can tell you “how”. P O N O R is just to show what might be done. (I trained professionally as an artist at various art schools and academies in Europe – so I might one day post a picture of oils on canvas, the next day something entirely digital…) you see: I just like trying out new things and experimenting – The web is great at juxtaposing all sorts of things…. it’s really exciting to be able to do this with images – but I’m very aware that I’ve got an awful lot more to learn! (I hope that helped).

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