2 thoughts on “awaywiththefairies”

  1. I will try:

    “Away with the fairies”, is an old saying, it means a person is off in their own little world.. in other words, has gone off with the imaginary little people. If one could say it in words then artists would probably use words…(Anyway that’s the job of the poet! :)) Words are words and pictures are pictures… if you see what I’m getting at.

    I don’t happen to think that art necessarily has to “mean” anything at all…As in: sometimes artists are telling stories, but by no means always, I think you just look and draw your own conclusions, – sorry no pun intended :) I.e. your opinion, as the viewer is just as valid as anyone elses, ermm…it’s what you as the viewer bring to any art that you look at, if you like.

    Your choice of the the word portray is interesting Syed… Portray as I’m sure you know means specifically, what does this “represent(?)”.. which is a bit different from “what does this “mean”. (That’s worth a moments thought :))

    This picture one can say therefor portrays, some things like look a bit like vegetation, a toothbrush and some things that look (to me anyway)like keyholes or holes… but, if you like the drawing, and of course there’s absolutely no reason why you or anyone should like it, then it’s the response these images have made inside you that’s the point of it – and only you know that. (I’m not trying to be deliberately obtuse, but these things are difficult to discuss – anyway I hope this helps a bit).

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