2 thoughts on “littlewing”

  1. Don’t you think you could do without those snap fish pop ups that you have floating all over your pictures? They are meant for readers to see what there is behind a thumbnail or a links. It is easy to disable that option. You go to dashboard
    and from there to “presentation”
    and from there to “extras”.
    What do these drawings mean? Are they fingerprints or hairstyles?

  2. Thanks – I must have ticked it by mistake (I wasn’t aware that option was enabled – my software stops it from showing this end :))

    Don’t know quite how to answer yr question… Ermm…to me drawings don’t necessarily “mean” anything as such. Artists tend to use images in the the way a poet uses words….or a musician uses sound(s).. We don’t tend to ask musicians what does that music “mean”….?…..I don’t happen to think that words and images are so easily interchangeable. I give most of my work names as pointers, tho I would probably prefer to call everything “untitled” – but I’m happy for things to mean whatever a viewer thinks they mean… I.e. It’s up to you if you get a response to an image, if you don’t, fine.

    (Sorry, that’s probably not very helpful to you, but it’s a very honest reply).

    Anyway :) – thank you for your input Cantueso.

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