6 thoughts on “camoflageMe2”

  1. I rather like this one, though I don’t see the reason for making all those little animals look so dead or plasticky. First I thought they were drops of dew on leaves. That must have been due to paracetamol.

    Why don’t you have a little text somewhere here? In Barcelona, when they exhibited Tapiès (who is not just abstract, but soup) they used to put up a little paper with some Heidegger quote to make his meaning clear to all of us.

  2. What’s wrong with “plasticky” (joking)

    I used to spend a lot of time looking at Tapiès’ works.

    I understand your critic about explanations – as in I understand that artists can appear to be unnecessarily obtuse.. But I honestly have to say that I think that giving pointers rather tends to have the effect of “telling” the observer what she/he should be thinking.. I.e. how they should be responding.. The response to any artistic endeavour is much stronger/personal.. if one has to have a bit of a think :)…. And… the Spanish are most marvellous European artists… I happily make a bow to Spanish artistic brilliance ;)

    I suppose you might also mention here the fact that it is curators and art critics who most usually have had the role to comment on works.. Here in the blogosphere the “rules” one might say… are yet to be cast… That makes it all rather more interesting don’t you think…?

  3. I miss signs of literacy in blogs. After all, I did not mean to say that there should be a label saying the red dot should remind us of a tomato. There could be text about how to make a spaghetti dinner or what to look out for when you buy a used car. Or how to prepare a canvas which, by the way, draws real visits, people who want to learn, as distinct from the WOW! jeez! kind.

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