5 thoughts on “goingwiththeflowing”

  1. !!!!!

    Now this is kind of funny. A screensaver. What shall we call it? It’s a long way to Tipperary. I was born one morning when the sun didn’t shine. Or are you French? “A la recherche du temsp perdu”.

  2. Unfortunately, I am not French. “Being French” would make a nice change :)

    Anyway…Really glad to make you smile….The curious thing about laughter is that the best of it has a dark side too…In fact better educated persons than I have argued that without the dark side there is in fact no laughter… But you are amongst other things perhaps a linguist or an historian/classicist are you not..? If you felt so inclined you might supply a suitable quote somewhere on your blog one day :)

  3. I am most certainly a linguist, though in fact only a translator, and no historian at all. Zero history. However, if you want to know what happend in any particular regard, you can only find out from the past and by googling. No way to ask the future, unless, indeed, you know how to read the tea-leaves (as one of the bloggers suggested I should do).

    I still have the flu, am falling asleep between sentences. Incredible säuhund, which is Swiss.

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