4 thoughts on “waver”

  1. I can see how you got all the time in the world… or not. You make beautiful art, will have to take some time to really check it out tomorrow. Artistic people amazes me since I’m not very artistic myself, with painting/drawing/creating pictures that is – I suppose we are all artistic in some ways. Words seems to be more my thing. Realy intrigued by how you can make a picture that tells different people different things – words are so definitive in some way. Also how you can use something thats not words to deliver a feeling, a thought. It’s cool helt enkelt :)


  2. Thanks Ew. I think I understand what you mean about words appearing to be “definitive” as language/words can be made to be rather precise and are oftentimes more immediately informative than a corresponding image would be – however not always. E.g. Look at road signage. I.e. it depends a bit on the job at hand ;) Discussions about how to best to communicate our thoughts/ideas/feelings to one another have been deliberated on by humans for thousands of years. So you could say that everything we do, even in a small way adds to this vast resource of knowledge/ideas – if an image can communicate an essence of what it is to be human and do it across time/culture, it is probably doing it’s job properly. Anyway thanks for the words of encouragement.

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